Slow Cooker Family Friendly Menu Plan with Recipe Links – March

I enjoy spending my days out of the kitchen, but still providing family friendly recipes for my gang.

 family friendly menu plan

Here’s March’s Slow Cooker Menu Plan.  We relocated this month and I was so thankful for my slow cooker. We managed to eat at home except for a couple of nights. Impressive, huh?


*A few people have had to convert the document into a newer version of Word to get the links to work properly. Read how here.

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  1. Kate says

    Hey there! Just curious if I am somehow too blonde and missing the grocery list for March. It’s sooooooo helpful! Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Sassy Gal says

      Hi Kate,

      I am sorry, but we didn’t make one this month. It is very time consuming, but we will reconsider if we get enough readers who utilized it and missed it this month.

      In a nutshell, no you’re not a ditsy blonde. lol!

      • Lea says

        I agree… shopping lists are great. I have a yearly plan as well utilizing the seasonal fruits and veggies. I put my shopping list in a plastic page proctector and use a white board marker to quickly mark off what I already have on hand. It takes five minutes to do then I can beat it to the store. Love it. I just stumbled across your site and also appreciate that aspect as it takes a huge load off. With eight kids I cherish what time I do have! =) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Christy says

    Thank you so much for this! I look forward to the monthly menus as I like the variety of ideas that you have for the slow cooker. This has been such a huge gift to me; you are part of the reason I am able to get dinner on the table with two very young children. There are so many recipes here that I want to try this month. Thank you, thank you!


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