Slow Cooker Family Friendly Menu Plan with Recipe Links – October

I enjoy spending my days out of the kitchen, but still providing family friendly recipes for my gang.

October - Slow Cooker Menu Plan

Since last month’s Menu Plan was a big hit, I decided to move forward and create an October Slow Cooker Menu Plan.

And you can edit the menu plan, too!


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Did you miss the previous month of Slow Cooker Menu Plan?

Be sure to pin all these slow cooker family friendly recipes for the month of October. Happy Fall!

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  1. Angela says

    Thanks so much for your slow cooker menu plan. Do you have a link to the Ground Beef with Veggies recipe? Right now it isn’t linked to an actual recipe but just a list of ingredients. Thanks!

  2. Tammy Kalp says

    Just a suggestion. While many families are very busy I find that families with special needs in more need of these types of short cuts. I try and help them out as much as possible.


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